Advisory services

When professionals need an Ag Professional we are here to provide a multifaceted approach to farmland risk management, appraisal, and consultation.



Insurance. Farmland Insurance Company is a wholly owned member of the Hatley/Cobb Farmland group and works tirelessly to insure crops and farming operations across Washington and Idaho.  Crop insurance continues to be the most reliable “safety net” for farmers and having our team on your side will ensure your operation is covered.  Risk management and property coverage is critical in this economic environment for the protection of unforeseen obstacles. Our team works diligently to provide the level of service and competitive pricing our clients deserve.  We are ready to work together to insure your operation's success.  


  • Crop Insurance
  • Liability Insurance
  • Farm and Property Insurance
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Appraisal. For more than 4 decades our firm has completed farmland appraisals.  Meeting each client’s specific needs, our approach to farmland valuation is unique and consistent across the region. Licensed, bonded and certified to complete appraisals, our team will work to ensure the land is valued properly according to current market conditions.


  • General Farmland Appraisals
  • Expert Witness
  • Estate and Land Partition Expertise
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Consulting. Hatley/Cobb Farmland Management has worked for the past three decades with the region’s best professionals in all matters that include farmland, partitions, dispute resolution, expert witness, third party inspection of existing operations, and other challenges that require a third party opinion to ensure fairness and equality.


  • Farmland Negotiations
  • Expert Witness
  • Dispute Resolution


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