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Hatley/Cobb Real Estate farms for sale.


South St. John Farmland, Whitman County, WA

This farmland has a long history of producing high quality pacific northwest grain varieties

Odessa CRP 3A.jpg

Sheila Walter Farm, South Odessa, WA/$150,000

Borders stable yielding (40-45 bushel/acre) 2 year (winter wheat/ summer Fallow) wheat land.


Irrigated and Dryland Farm, Adams county, WA/$9,200,000

Supports a variety of irrigated crops and a 2 year wheat/fallow rotation

Lewiston Grain Farm cover

Lewiston Grain Farm, Lewiston, id / $1,482,500

High Yield Summer Fallow Wheat Ground


DennLer farmland, Latah county, id / $575,000

270 +/- total acres suitable for annual crop production of winter wheat and legumes.