operations & asset management

When the legacy of the farm is the most important item at the family meeting, our business exists to ensure your legacy is preserved.


Land MAnagement

  • Manage approximately 140 farms throughout the Pacific Northwest
  • Review all property for hazardous waste concerns
  • Supervise farming operations
  • Conduct annual farm inspections and providing a written report of inspections to owners


Production Management

  • Farmland Inspection
  • On-site crop assessment
  • Crop rotation scheduling
  • Harvest and crop yield tracking
  • Irrigation and farmland development
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  • Approve farm operating expenses
  • Analyze and coordinate the USDA government programs that impact the farms and make decisions and/or recommendations that will be a financial advantage to your account
  • Negotiate farm leases for the properties and prepare comprehensive written lease agreements
  • Review and market all crops