Press Release 2019


Hatley/Cobb Farmland Management
Business Ownership Transition 


We would like to announce that effective January 1st, 2019, longtime owner/partner Allen Hatley took his first steps toward retirement by selling the balance of Hatley/Cobb Farmland Management to Tim Cobb. Allen will continue to work with us for the next few years as he desires to transition with some time into full retirement and we are thankful to have access to his years of experience as well as client knowledge. 



Welcome Zac

With these steps as well as the recent expansion of our business model we would like to announce the arrival of Zac Cobb as an additional client resource. Zac and his wife Kayelee along with their two young daughters come to us fulltime after spending the past three summers as well as part-time remotely working inside our Farmland Insurance Company. Zac possesses many of the skills needed to ensure effective organization in farmland management as well as the youth that provides additional energy into future opportunities.  His primary focus will be to help grow Farmland Insurance Company as well as refine our internal office processes.

Along with Zac many of you have interacted with Kathryn Rush our office manager and Amy Stinebaugh our business unit manager.  Both of these high-quality ladies have been with us a year now and really make our company move forward. I am thankful to have them involved in the daily processes of our business and want each of you to know that they are available any time to discuss your farmland asset and are learning quickly the level of detail required in this work.


New Happenings

  • We continue to build out our AcreTrac farmland management software and look forward to providing improved client communications in the coming months.

  • We have incorporated and will continue to roll out the use of Drone technology in our farm management and real estate companies for a more precise depiction of all field aspects.

  • We launched our Hatley/Cobb Youtube page and showcase many of the farms we have for sale or have sold there.

  • We partnered with a local design firm to bring the Hatley/Cobb brand to new levels of industry awareness.

  • We recently participated in the Spokane Ag Expo and met with many agriculture leaders over the course of three days of meeting, learning and growing.

  • We continue to streamline business operations to improve the consistency reliability of our client account service.