Our Mission

Hatley/Cobb Farmland Companies exists to provide the on-the-ground management, stewardship and expertise of a “farm kid” with the professionalism demanded in today’s competitive landscape. Your legacy is farmland and our business is ensuring the legacy continues well into the future. Based in principles of integrity, hard work, and innovation we continue delivering the best service for our clients, partners and the industry as a whole. With so many choices in this world, we choose agriculture.


Farmland Brokerage

There are many levels of real estate brokerage representation and rather than get lost in a generalist world we focus only on agriculture properties. We have proudly represented buyers and sellers in nearly $100 million worth of farms and ranch transactions in the past 5 years.  

Our approach is simple... we work hard to: 

  • Find the market value.
  • Negotiate the terms.
  • Manage the closing process.

Operations and Asset Management

When the legacy of the farm is the most important item at the family meeting, our business exists to ensure your legacy is preserved. At the kitchen table, the farm truck or the boardroom we stand ready to meet the needs of every client who holds farmland as an asset.  

Key to our success is our unified system: 

  • Management of all farm data points (AcreTrac Software)
  • Farmland inspection and monitoring (crop management)
  •  Leasing service (farm tenant relationships)
  •  Financial management and accounting (farm reserves)
  • Client reporting and communication (portal access)

Advisory Services

When professionals need an Ag Professional we are here to provide a multifaceted approach to farmland risk management, appraisal, and consultation.

Hatley/Cobb Farmland Insurance
Property and Casualty Insurance Brokerage

Hatley/Cobb Appraisals 
Licensed Farmland appraisal affiliation

Hatley/Cobb Consulting
Farmland issue consultation